08 January 2010


okay, so i finally got around to putting some things on etsy.
it is all very rushed, but i wanted to make sure i made the best of my "new year buzz" before it ran out.
unfortunately, it seems to have run out.

the products i listed for sale are unfinished, unprofessional and unhappy.
first there is that glaring and mean cat i made, and the sad and depressed emo softie.

if i ever find the time i will make things with a bit more love and care, so that when i realise that my softies replicate my mood at the time of it's creation, the end results will be.. uplifting?
i dunno, but im looking forward to sewing this monday.
woo for rostered days off.


  1. They look good so far but here are some tips:
    1. use all the photo slots- think about how if someone was buying it in a market they would turn it over etc
    2. use all your tag slots
    3. include measurements in every listing in cm and inches.
    4. Join DUST ( down under street team for Australian etsy stores) x

  2. thankyou cath! i appreciate your feedback.
    i will upload better quality photos tonight when i get home for work.
    as i said, i dont know why i rushed it, but your suggestions will make it better.