03 December 2010


i wish I had stayed in.
this weather is officially retarded and is screwing up my schedule.
yet again i am considering focusing my "spare time" on different laser cut adventures.

01 December 2010


GEO brooches. Laser cut onto natural bamboo.
2D at this stage, investigating possibility of 3D with different material, possibly silver.
Inspired by geography; each brooch is (loosely!) modeled on a country.
Featured here is Australia, New Zealand, Kazahkstan & Romania.

21 October 2010


Nook posted these images of CatRabbit's new brooches.
Only trouble is that I cannot find where to buy them.
I really want the blue one!

If you know, please help me!
and in other not-so-subtle-early-christmas-gift-hints,

01 July 2010

i seriously love eggplant

My desk is a mess. Actually, my whole room is.

The chest of drawers I got when I first moved in is still sitting there, half-painted (purple!), with a scrap of fabric over the top of it.

I made a pair of curtains, red curtains, which make me moody and angry, so I took them down. (I also finally made something with the leaves Bailey & Lachlan collected for me when we went to the museum.)

This is my favourite part of my bedroom.
It's where I hang stuff.

24 May 2010


y'all know how much music influences me.
without any reason, here is a list of the songs I cannot get enough of.

picture from flickr

Lime Tree - Bright Eyes

Father Brian Finn - Right Away, Great Captain!

Spirit of the Stairwell - Circa Survive

Roosevelt Room - Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band

Manana - Desparecidos

Times They Are A'Changing - Bob Dylan

The High Road - Broken Bells

Party Foul - Attack Attack!

Wait Up (Boots of Danger) - Tokyo Police Club

Casey's Song - City & Colour

Yankee Bayonet - The Decemberists

The Ocean - Tegan & Sara

You've Got The Love - Florence & The Machine

Shakeytown - I Heart Hiroshima

18 May 2010

16 May 2010


I remember writing my name in the sky with a sparkler.
The sparkles I apparently flung off the stick went into a girl's eye.
She cried and cried and cried.
I just kept writing the rest of my name, in perfect cursive.

12 May 2010


I'm going to see Tegan & Sara this evening @ the Forum.
I am so excited I cut my hair to look extra-butch for them.

hohkyo wears:
Striped Tee, probably from jayjays.
Grey Long Beach Knit Hoodie, Dangerfield.
Geek glasses, Dangerfield.
Anchor Necklace, Diva or Equip or some girly place like those.
jeans (not shown in picture) are Cheap Monday.

lol. i went to all that effort to take pictures with my DSi (john has my camera!) and I didn't even upload one with my butch new haircut! XD
anywhoo, pics are on my facebook if you reeeeally wanted to see.

07 May 2010


many people would know that i have a thing with google.
It's undergone a recent make-over and I'm sure you've already seen it, but I wanted to blog about it anyway. :)

google is so pretty now.

03 May 2010


I have a feeling that this album will become the soundtrack to my life.

30 April 2010


okay, so ponoko hates me.
i have been able to upload a few .eps files with only a few hiccups but now it completely hates me - wont let me upload anything at all.
all i want to do is get some quotes for some brooches!!

I'm really enjoying going through this creative process all over again, it feels like it's been a year since I started a new project.
I mean, hohkyo has been an on-going project, but now I'm actually doing something productive - it's not just planning and preparation anymore.

The brooches will be a total surprise, I'm not going to upload and samples or anything until the first lot have been made.
I'm trying to go with current design trends, but I really want to do something different.
(this means no owl-anything or helvetica font necklaces)
Still obsessed with forest animals, and exotic birds, but we'll see where this takes me.

27 April 2010


photo by timmacauley (deviantart)

I love the doom and gloom of melbourne during the winter/autumn months.
i've scrapped all of my summer ideas and will begin shortly on some fantastic (if i must so say myself) new art pieces.
(not artwork because i dont get paid for it.)

hohkyo now has over 50 fans.
not 39 billion, but it's better than 1. :)

my tattoo is really itchy and gross.
i love it, but the skin is peeling. eww.

12 April 2010

progress report

*one term down and I am yet to complete a single unit of my TAFE course.
*two months since I got my nose pierced and only now is it starting to heal.
*three months past my deadline to get t-shirts printed with some of my designs on them.
*four months since I heard from my last client. (this isn't a good sign...)
*twelve months since I last cleaned my room. :-/

I took time away from blogging in order to do stuff worth blogging about.
Isn't it sad/interesting/disturbing that since I stopped blogging about my personal life, I haven't been able to accomplish anything?
So, back on track it's time to get. (must. stop. speaking. like. yoda.)
I'm going to blog your ears off until I can say, "wow. I actually did more than sleep in late, eat chocolate while watching the biggest loser, complain about everybody's lack of hygiene and make hissing noises at the dog every time it looked at me."

Hmm. So.
Still investigating my options for a range of jewellery.
The graphic design element to hohkyo is flourishing, especially since Alana joined the team.
It's just the part where I come in that's failing.
I need to fire myself. I'm letting the team down. lol.

If you spot me near Brunswick please smack me and tell me to go home.
I soak up far too much inspiration when I visit these places, only to have dripped dry by the time I get home.
(an alternative would be to live closer to the city, hint hint johnboy)
I spend too much time running back and forth trying to get these ideas penned down
(figuratively speaking, I literally mean "photoshopped")
and am far too stupid to simply bring a pencil and a notebook with me.

I had a picnic with Bronwyn at the Carlton gardens the other week.
We ate heaps of cheese then played frizbee (whilst sitting down ofcourse).

04 April 2010


oh Sven Fristedt, why can't I seem to purchase your fabrics at IKEA anymore?

All I want are some curtains, but your lousy sales staff keep telling me porkies.
lol. porkies. what a stupid word.

01 April 2010

oh wow, a rainbow

This makes me happy.
end of story.

29 March 2010


FarmVille is taking over my life.

Damn you evil addictive game!

25 March 2010


is there anything better?

volume two; now repeating on my iTunes.

naughty nanna fabrics

I first seen this fabric made into some pillows at the Rose Street market (Fitzroy) but now it's popping up everywhere else.
(here and here to be precise)
This raunchy "softcore" fabric is made by Alexander Henry, a fabrics designer known for his "conversation-starting" designs.

23 March 2010


hoorah! my first proper client in ages!
monroe makeup by toni alford.
models: lauren neaves and some other chick.
below are some draft images that i quickly threw together to see if our heads were in the same space.
Personally, I prefer the font in the second image to that in the third image, but I'm learning to distance myself from my work and to not become so emotionally attached.
The top image will be incorporated into the website that's in planning, and the third image will be used as one side of a business card.
feedback welcome!

right-click and "view image" for full-size.

20 March 2010

17 March 2010


Stephen Hawking + Music =
The Scientists of Modern Music
RATS (melbourne) April 10th

15 March 2010


I am so thrilled to be able to announce this tonight.
hohkyo has just employed* the one and only...

alana canning
(say it as one word: ala-knacker-ning)

Alana is a graphic artist, and a freeeking good one!
she will be working with/for hohkyo as a freelance designer,
and might be available for some small design projects.
(she's a really busy gal, but might make an exception)

We also plan to work together on a range of t-shirt prints sometime soon.
Keep any eye out for her work. Her folio will appear online shortly.

*i have no intentions of paying her. XD
Alana is doing me a huge favour by accepting my offer
to work under my brand name for publicity.
Gosh i love her. *shakes her to death*


12 March 2010


SCENE: (thursday morning) Toni & I are sitting on the train, laughing about bad makeup artists.
(queue 12 year old, who, for the purpose of this re-telling is named Bethany)
Bethany: (sitting on the lap of another 12 year old who shall remain nameless)
(singing) ((yes, singing))

With so much drama in the l-b-c
Its kinda hard bein snoop d-o-double-g
But i, somehow, some way
Keep comin up with funky ass shit like every single day
May i, kick a little something for the gs (yeah)
And, make a few ends as (yeah!)
I breeze, through
Two in the mornin and the partys still jumpin
Cause my momma aint home
I got bitches in the living room gettin it onA
nd, they aint leavin til six in the mornin (six in the mornin)
So what you wanna do, sheeeit
I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too
So turn off the lights and close the doors
But (but what) we don't love them hoes, yeah!
So we gonna smoke a ounce to this
Gs up, hoes down, while you motherfuckers bounce to this

Bethany is a white girl, about to get her head kicked in.
It's times like this when I truely appreciate the beauty of living in broadmeadows.

09 March 2010


okay, so i finally got an email back from someone who works for art&armour.
although they loved my designs, they said they don't quite fit with their current collection.
they are holding onto them though, and plan to use them in a future lot.
for now though, they have offered to use my designs to create a "spotlight" sort of feature that showcases the designers who work with art&armour.
it all sounds exciting, but i dont know too much about it.
any press is a good press, so i would be jumping for joy if i could be physically bothered.

sad that corky's go flooded (again)
images snatched from this blog.
("snatched sounds like a dirty word. lol.)


Jonny Craig.
yup. we touched him and sucked his genius out.

i lost my engagement ring.

19 February 2010

new york

whenever i get bored, i scan an old image from a book & colour it in.
effortless and bland, but i like it.
this might look purrdy printed on a singlet, but alas, the expenses.

11 February 2010


okay, so i'm back. after an extended absence from blogging.
(like anyone cares anyway. lol)
a couple of things that were totally unexpected happened, thus delaying my intentions to blog more.
i'm glad to say that things are on the up&up, and that it looks like smooth(er) sailing from here.
here's a few things i've been up to lately:

1.planning my tattoo
the creative process for this has been really exciting. My original idea has shifted greatly, as have my expectations. the tattoo is getting larger and larger with every draft i submit, but i'm confident that we're almost there.
i have heaps that i need to sort out, but i've pin-pointed which one i want to be my first.

2.getting my education sorted
this has been on my "to-do" list for a year now, and what a relief it is to have finally crossed it off.
i chopped and changed between graphic art, graphic design, printing, industrial design, media, advertising, multimedia, library and even psychology.
despite all that, here's the plan.
(aka PLAN G... having failed plan a-through-f)
Diploma of Library & Information Services
RPL a fair chunk of the units, since I've worked in the library industry for almost 5 years.
Settle myself into a job & work out all that grown-up house stuff like mortgage, etc.
By then i will have decided if i want to pursue a career in design.
I'll do like a Certificate IV in Design at RMIT and really push my HOHKYO label as more than a lazy hobby.
i don't quite see myself making huge amounts of money from making "stuff" but i'm going to give it a shot.
i researched getting some of my designs printed onto t-shirts, but we're talking very minimal profit.

3.renovating my room
by renovate, i mean i added a new desk unit from IKEA, and strung up some string to hang my ever-increasing collection of glasses. i also took down my curtains, and am planning to make some new ones.

sadly, that's it.
but i'm over-the-hill on all that junk that happened last month and i'm ready to start fresh.

14 January 2010

Lino Deco

These items are the first unique spin on art deco design that I have seen in a long time.
Forget all of that faux art deco fashion, these necklaces are brooches capture the essence of the art deco movement far greater than anything else I've seen clogging up the markets lately.

12 January 2010

nan lawson love.


(oh, hello friend) is holding a giveaway with Nan's store, up for grabs is a $30 voucher.
( Ta for the image. :D )

08 January 2010


okay, so i finally got around to putting some things on etsy.
it is all very rushed, but i wanted to make sure i made the best of my "new year buzz" before it ran out.
unfortunately, it seems to have run out.

the products i listed for sale are unfinished, unprofessional and unhappy.
first there is that glaring and mean cat i made, and the sad and depressed emo softie.

if i ever find the time i will make things with a bit more love and care, so that when i realise that my softies replicate my mood at the time of it's creation, the end results will be.. uplifting?
i dunno, but im looking forward to sewing this monday.
woo for rostered days off.

04 January 2010

soundwave timetable

12-12:35 Architects
12:35-1:00 Closure In Moscow
1:00-1:40 Set Your Goals
1:40-2:00 Taking Back Sunday
2:00-2:40 Emarosa
3:00-3:20 Glassjaw
3:20-3:50 Alexisonfire
3:50-4:35 Paramore
4:35-4:40 Placebo
4:40-5:20 A Wilhelm Scream
5:30-6:00 AFI
6:00-6:40 All Time Low
6:40-7:20 Dance Gavin Dance
7:25-8:00 My Chemical Romance
8:00-8:40 Escape The Fate
8:40-9:00 Four Year Strong
9:00-9:20 HIM
9:20-10:00 A Day To Remember

there will be some who'll say that i wont be able to see them all.
i challenge you to a duel.

depending on the setlists (which i will be scouring the SW forum for as soon as the other festivals are over) my timetable may change, namely due to soooooo many clashes.
hopefully some bands will be play bad songs at the same time that another band is playing good songs.

im still epicly bummed about Motion City & Emarosa clashing.
worst. decision. ever. soundwave. organizers.