15 March 2010


I am so thrilled to be able to announce this tonight.
hohkyo has just employed* the one and only...

alana canning
(say it as one word: ala-knacker-ning)

Alana is a graphic artist, and a freeeking good one!
she will be working with/for hohkyo as a freelance designer,
and might be available for some small design projects.
(she's a really busy gal, but might make an exception)

We also plan to work together on a range of t-shirt prints sometime soon.
Keep any eye out for her work. Her folio will appear online shortly.

*i have no intentions of paying her. XD
Alana is doing me a huge favour by accepting my offer
to work under my brand name for publicity.
Gosh i love her. *shakes her to death*

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