30 July 2009

customised graphics


I don't know how they got my email, but I recieved word about this site.
I think it has potential, but at the moment, the designs on offer are very basic.
Not hard to do, vector graphics, and I think this site will become a big deal.
Not even sure if they post internationally (the site is US owned) but they seem to allow Australian designers to create an account, and to upload their own images for sale.

Even though I said I wasn't going to focus on graphic design anymore, I think this would a fun way to earn a bit of cash. And plus, people will have my artwork stuck on their walls, and I won't need to be the one to produce it.

29 July 2009

fancy record bowl

my laptop is seriously overheating.
my face is on fire.

oh! my record bowl is finally complete!
Fiiiiiinally purchased a cheap old record from Dave's Boutique on Smith street (it's closing down! laaaaame)
[one dollar. woot!]
and turned it into a bowl. to hold....... stuff.

It was so easy to do that I'm going to include instructions.

1) turn your oven on to 100 degrees.
2) place an upturned bowl onto a tray and place the record on top.
3) place in oven and shut door.
4) wait (and watch!) until you see the record start to droop.
5) after a few minutes (when the record is droopy) take it out of the oven.
[the record will be cool to touch, not sticky or anything]
6) using your hands, mould the record around the bowl underneath
7) after 30 seconds or so the record will have cooled down and hardened.

If you're feeling creative, mould it into any other shape you like. It's just easy to use the bowl as a form.

Not happy with the result? Just put it back into the oven and do it all over again.

Something was mentioned about ensuring that you keep a window open nearby. Don't make the oven too hot or else toxic fumes can escape from the record and KILL YOU.
(maybe. google it for confirmation)

28 July 2009

32 days

In 32 days I will 19 years old.

i [heart] Rostered Days Off

Mondays are best when you don't have to work them.
Johnny has an interview today at some random place in Richmond.

[edit: Johnny had an interview at some random place in Richmond. Storm Promotions or something, something and something else about marketing and customer satisfaction, yadda yadda

I think he did well, he even seems to think so.
The job sounds easy as pie, and from a peek in their newsletter, every employee wins a pen or a glass trophy every time they show up to work. Hoorah!

Spent the night cleaning out my room, shifting things around and tidying up. I don't like to think of myself as a messy person, but oh lord I am truely a pig.
Funny, landscaper's gardens are rarely masterpieces (rather, "in-the-making" always) and librarians - who thrive on tidy, orderly shelves, seem to live in mess.
(I speak purely for myself, as I have never seen another librarian's bedroom. o_0)

My latest project (might have already been mentioned) is to stencil some (animals? I dunno, Llamas or something. Maybe they're rabbits...) onto a chest of drawers.
After looking about in a few vintage furniture shops (and nearly dying at the sight of their pricetags), Nan decided to show me one (perfect!) that was hiding in Aunty Karen's bedroom wardrobe.


Now it is in my room, and despite being purple, looks good.
Need to scrape off the purple paint (it's white underneath) and then stencil on the shapes in black.
One or two will be red, just to compliment the rest of the room's furnishings.

Still no word on a decent chair for my desk.
Thinking of giving in and making a red seat cover for the dining table chair currently in my room.

26 July 2009

little secret #2

I used to think that if I lay in bed with my legs tightly held together, I would wake up and they would be fused together and I would have to live in the ocean as a Merman.

25 July 2009

kayden jai

Brother no # 5, baby no #7, Kayden Jai Greenwood arrived into the world today.
A small thing, he is, shy (won't open his eyes) and cheeky (is fond of poking out his tongue)

Plan: spoil baby with clothes and toys.
take baby to zoo (when older, of course)
sleep overs at cory's house will be the best thing. ever.

19 July 2009

little secret #1

I once stepped on a dead cat.

15 July 2009

light mahogany brown my ass

Okay, so i dyed my hair. again.
That's no surprise, but neither is the fact that whenever i dye it, it turns near black. *angry face*
I deliberately purchased a lighter colour than I would normally, and even used a touch more creme developer to help it lighten.
what. the. fudge.

12 July 2009

goodbye stereo!

tomorrow. it leaves my room. *dances*
I'm looking forward to having the space. I could finally swing a goat around the place.
(note to self: research where that stupid expression came from)

[edit: the stereo is staying. :K
however, I have grown to like it, so I guess it won't be too bad. The TV and coffee table are out now, making room for a chest of drawers)

Going to the 'Rat this weekend for another ghost tour.
Melbourne's ghost tour was a bit of a bore, so I'm really hoping this one will be better. We saw the tour guide last time we were in Ballarat, and he certainly looked more exciting than the creepy man in Melbourne.
(*remembers him stroking the row of badges along the strap of my bag, "baaddddgggesssssss......")


11 July 2009


If i had the patience, I would take up beading & jewelery making.
I have been googling how to make resin jewelery & the like, but am thinking that a short course would really help me to get the ball rolling.
I realize now that it will be close to impossible to sustain my lifestyle from money earned from selling crafty things on etsy, and for that reason I want to say that I'm going to focus on obtaining qualifications towards library services.
The things I make will have to be a part-time thing, because the competition is far too high and it would be too hard to establish any form of regular income.
"Hohkyo" will be the brand name of my creations, and in the near future I plan to set up a store on etsy.
That will probably be as far as it will go, but I know I will be satisfied to that much (at least.)

I'm giving up on graphic design because I will headbutt my next client, probably.
I don't know how other people in the industry can put up with everyone's nonsense.
It might only be me, but I have trouble resolving their problems when all they say is "I don't like this, I wanted something more like what I told you."

"Sorry, but this DOES reflect the brief you gave me, you vague stupid bitch.
You said "Art Deco","Silhouette","Glamour","Beauty" and "Curvy"
I gave you a silhouette of a 1920's glamour model with the pretty red lips you asked for.
Then I gave you a better detailed vector of a glamour model I scanned and traced from an ART DECO fashion book, and you tell me that it isn't Art Deco.

I wonder if she even knew what Art Deco meant.

07 July 2009


It's an adventure, most mornings. I watch for the regulars arriving at my platform, and then once on the train, I watch for the regulars at other stations who get onboard.

@ Broadmeadows station we have the dopey man with really long white hair and a neat circular bald patch on top, the middle-aged coffee-lover and essendon supporter, the short, suited acne-ridden blonde with a very fat bottom, the chubby 20-something uni student (not sure what he studies though) and the "fully-sick-turbo bro" trio who spend the morning pointing out "chicks".

@ Glenroy we have the girl with the leather gloves, the wide-eyed Indian man, the short man with a 90's hairstyle and the very hairy atheist, probably studying philosophy or something. (I know because of his choice of books each morning.)

@ Essendon there is the girl who wears hideous vintage clothing, the girl with the red jacket, the old and balding man who always looks confused ("what IS this contraption?" is probably his favourite phrase) and the angry Maori chromer whom you must NEVER make eye contact with. Seriously.

04 July 2009


Is it just me or does my list of MSN contacts get smaller every week? o_0

Saturday night, oh such joy.

I'm sitting here listening to tegan and sara, and have been for much of the day, over and over again.
Living Room is a new favourite. :)

Who wants to come with me to a mic in hand on a Thursday night?
It's a comedy room in Fitzroy (at vibe bar) and it's only $10.
Plenty of good acts are there from time to time, so hopefully we can find a date to go when the weather is fine, and the comedian is funny.

Stupid weather. you ruin my day by raining, like, everywhere, and it makes things wet and slippery and cold an miserable and makes me say "and" heaps.

I was using my graphics tablet earlier tonight, I pretty much forgot I had it.
do you want it? $150 and you can have it.

Nan finally caved about shifting the tv/coffee table/stereo out of my room and into aunty karen's room once she moves.
Cannot wait to shift my room around and finally create some living space.
I feel really cramped in here at times, which sparks that cleaning bug I inherited from mum. I go nuts cleaning up things in an attempt to create more room, but the results are always tiresome and ultimately ineffective.

Sunday brings more promising adventures. I'm going to see big nan! :)

02 July 2009

my tina bombina

saturday will be worth waking up for, now that I know I'll be seeing my handshake buddy again. It's been almost a year since I saw her last, and almost 6 months since she moved back to melbourne. o_0

Thats all. She is special enough just to blog about, all on her lonesome.
yep. thats right. this blog isn't even gonna mention anyone else.

01 July 2009

pretty lyrics

I'll anull these little walls of attrition and these invocations
That's seen me holding my camera out at arms length
To self-document these new locations
When I should be leaning against you
Deciding on things to get done
And you should be leaning on fountains
And filling my space up and breathing the air from my lungs
-Josh Pyke, the lighthouse song

A man in a body of water, so tall,
could swallow your hopes and forget where he's going.
But I carved a map in the back of my arm,
so don't worry, I'm coming home.
Said don't worry, I'm coming home.
-Right Away, Great Captain!, Down to your soul.

These lyrics are so pretty, lol, for lack of better word.
They evoke such, err.. pretty images.
The RAGC lyric is pretty much gonna be tattooed on me. Not the lyrics, but a sketch of a huge body of water towering over a small boat.
Also thinking of getting a tattoo of a map on the inside of my arm. :)
Symbolically I think it will always remind me to go visit home, and see my family.

Being away from them is a big deal for me, and I enjoy the time I do get to spend with them. This kind of concept for a tattoo is very Miami Ink sob-story, but I kinda think that it's universal, and was only made cliche by that show.