29 July 2009

fancy record bowl

my laptop is seriously overheating.
my face is on fire.

oh! my record bowl is finally complete!
Fiiiiiinally purchased a cheap old record from Dave's Boutique on Smith street (it's closing down! laaaaame)
[one dollar. woot!]
and turned it into a bowl. to hold....... stuff.

It was so easy to do that I'm going to include instructions.

1) turn your oven on to 100 degrees.
2) place an upturned bowl onto a tray and place the record on top.
3) place in oven and shut door.
4) wait (and watch!) until you see the record start to droop.
5) after a few minutes (when the record is droopy) take it out of the oven.
[the record will be cool to touch, not sticky or anything]
6) using your hands, mould the record around the bowl underneath
7) after 30 seconds or so the record will have cooled down and hardened.

If you're feeling creative, mould it into any other shape you like. It's just easy to use the bowl as a form.

Not happy with the result? Just put it back into the oven and do it all over again.

Something was mentioned about ensuring that you keep a window open nearby. Don't make the oven too hot or else toxic fumes can escape from the record and KILL YOU.
(maybe. google it for confirmation)

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