01 July 2009

pretty lyrics

I'll anull these little walls of attrition and these invocations
That's seen me holding my camera out at arms length
To self-document these new locations
When I should be leaning against you
Deciding on things to get done
And you should be leaning on fountains
And filling my space up and breathing the air from my lungs
-Josh Pyke, the lighthouse song

A man in a body of water, so tall,
could swallow your hopes and forget where he's going.
But I carved a map in the back of my arm,
so don't worry, I'm coming home.
Said don't worry, I'm coming home.
-Right Away, Great Captain!, Down to your soul.

These lyrics are so pretty, lol, for lack of better word.
They evoke such, err.. pretty images.
The RAGC lyric is pretty much gonna be tattooed on me. Not the lyrics, but a sketch of a huge body of water towering over a small boat.
Also thinking of getting a tattoo of a map on the inside of my arm. :)
Symbolically I think it will always remind me to go visit home, and see my family.

Being away from them is a big deal for me, and I enjoy the time I do get to spend with them. This kind of concept for a tattoo is very Miami Ink sob-story, but I kinda think that it's universal, and was only made cliche by that show.

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