11 July 2009


If i had the patience, I would take up beading & jewelery making.
I have been googling how to make resin jewelery & the like, but am thinking that a short course would really help me to get the ball rolling.
I realize now that it will be close to impossible to sustain my lifestyle from money earned from selling crafty things on etsy, and for that reason I want to say that I'm going to focus on obtaining qualifications towards library services.
The things I make will have to be a part-time thing, because the competition is far too high and it would be too hard to establish any form of regular income.
"Hohkyo" will be the brand name of my creations, and in the near future I plan to set up a store on etsy.
That will probably be as far as it will go, but I know I will be satisfied to that much (at least.)

I'm giving up on graphic design because I will headbutt my next client, probably.
I don't know how other people in the industry can put up with everyone's nonsense.
It might only be me, but I have trouble resolving their problems when all they say is "I don't like this, I wanted something more like what I told you."

"Sorry, but this DOES reflect the brief you gave me, you vague stupid bitch.
You said "Art Deco","Silhouette","Glamour","Beauty" and "Curvy"
I gave you a silhouette of a 1920's glamour model with the pretty red lips you asked for.
Then I gave you a better detailed vector of a glamour model I scanned and traced from an ART DECO fashion book, and you tell me that it isn't Art Deco.

I wonder if she even knew what Art Deco meant.

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