30 November 2009


Any of these would be an excellent gift this christmas, for the "artsy" type of friend.

Stencil 101 Decor: Customize Walls, Floors, and Furniture with Oversized Stencil ArtBy Ed Roth
$24.95 from chroniclebooks.com

Hot Type
30 Sheets of Typographic Fabric Transfers
By Brett MacFadden and Scott Thorpe
$12.95 from chroniclebooks.com

Reprodepot Pattern Book: Folk
225 Vintage-Inspired Textile Designs
By Djerba Goldfinger
Foreword by Grace Bonney (Design*Sponge!)
Crafts by Mollie Green
$24.95 from chroniclebooks.com

also available is a FLORA version; 225 more vintage-inspired textile designs.

Lettering & Type
Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces
Princeton Architectural Press
By Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals
$24.95 from chroniclebooks.com

The Graphic Eye
Photographs by Graphic Designers from Around the Globe

By Stefan Bucher
$35.00 from chroniclebooks.com

Andy Warhol Men
Illustrations by Andy Warhol
Foreword by Alan Cumming
$16.95 from chroniclebooks.com

Custom Kicks
Personalized Footwear
By Kim Smits and Matthijs Maat of MAKI Design
$19.95 from chroniclebooks.com

Indie Publishing
How to Design and Produce Your Own Book

Edited by Ellen Lupton
$21.95 from chroniclebooks.com

Iron Me On
30 Sheets of Awesome Fabric Transfers

By Mike Perry
$12.95 from chroniclebooks.com


Stencil 101 Journal
By Ed Roth
die-cut plastic covers with Wire-O binding
Will be available after Wednesday February 03, 2010.
$12.95 from chroniclebooks.com

FREE SHIPPING (when you spend $35 dollars or more)
hopefully that means international, too.

28 November 2009

the tribe has spoken

i have officially decided on the course I'm going to enroll into next year.
Diploma of Library Services.

The Diploma of Graphic Design course would be a great deal of fun, but wouldn't actually be sending me into my desired direction.
Yes, I want to be a designer, but I don't want to be a graphic designer.
I found the units to be quite limited to traditional methods of graphic design and things like life drawing, etc are not my cup of tea.
When I design, I like drawing on my own strengths and using familiar techniques.
I don't want to design something specifically for someone's taste, I would rather show the world what I do and offer them the choice to buy it, or not.

Certificate IV in design looks more practical. Sadly, I was turned off it last year by a lady who had lipstick on her teeth and was keen to emphasise how it ISN'T a diploma, and how a diploma IS BETTER than a certificate IV.

So I've come to the conclusion that I don't know.
For now, it's Library Services.
In a few years time, once I've gotten bored of my familiar techniques, and my strengths are looking a bit drab, I'll enrol myself into a design course.
And be one of those cliche university students living in/near Brunswick, carting a folio around (even on weekends), strolling through on Ceres and drinking organic (fair trade!) coffee.

23 November 2009

Once Upon - An Exhibition

i am so disappointed that i missed out on this!

Image by Jordan Clarke.

I mean, apart from the fact that I don't live in Sydney, but by the time I discovered this, all the good artworks were sold. -sadface-
Take a peek at this amazing collection of Australian artists pictorialising classic fairytales in their own beautiful styles.
I am drooling over the works of Ben Zen (The Emperor’s New Clothes),
Jordan Clarke (Jack and the Beanstalk),
Laura McKellar (The Ugly Duckling)
& Sarah Barron (Beauty and The Beast).
Check them out for yourself, and maybe if someone was unsure about what to get me for christmas.....

21 November 2009

fancy business cards

(nicked from oh, hello friend.)


I've got to get my game on, lol. Will take a trip to some craft stores in hunt of some good quality paper and get a design in order. People need to know about HOHKYO.

19 November 2009

guess how i got my scar

Okay, so even I have experienced a bit of confusion over the origins of the scar along my left cheek. So we're gonna have to play a guessing game.
I know now what really happened, but because various family members were telling me different things, I was very unsure for many years. lol.

Just submit your answer via comment and I'll announce the winner in a week's time.

a)i was attacked by a crazy magpie.
b)i was attacked by a homeless person.
c)it's just a weird chickenpox mark.
d)my brother did it to show me who was boss.

(FYI, I'm the boss.)

17 November 2009

hectic, yikes

I have far too much on my plate right now.
I've been really stressed, but over such trivial things!

Firstly, my brand new iphone is useless, and I'm swamped in nerdy technical jargon but trying to make sense of it.

The Acekard I purchased for my DSi still hasn't arrived, and I think the company scammed me. lol. I'm trying to be patient but my recent problems with online shopping have made we weary.

There was the drama with Ebony's "sciphone" and the totoro sticker AND the cheap monday jeans. I'm cursed with bad luck it seems!

On the bright side, I've finally got myself sorted out in terms of studying and my new goals. I will soon enrol to study Library Services and will kiss my dreams of being a graphic designer goodbye.

Long term, I hope to one day launch HOHKYO as a fashion accessories label, but I really need to get sorted with some more important things first.

Johnny and I will begin looking into home loans (we're talking more than a few years away though) and once all of that is sorted, I can look towards starting my new career as a designer. For now though, it's time to put some books away.

13 November 2009

papercraft self portrait

oh.my.gosh. take a peek at this!
Note to self: download a copy of 3D Max 2009.

11 November 2009

photoshop fun

Since stumbling upon Sarah Hogren's etsy store, I felt inspired to create my own anthropomorphic images.
Using images that I scanned from books at work here is a sample of what I produced.
The weather is too hot today to sit outside, so instead I sat at my desk for my lunchbreak and fiddled around with photoshop.
My next project will be to tackle charcoal drawing. I'll let you know how it goes.

09 November 2009

weekend cruise

okay, so oddly enough my horoscope told me that this weekend wouldn't go as planned.
i didn't get to hunt around melbourne nooks and crannies for corkysaintclair, but my weekend was better than anticipated.
Sometimes, the things you plan with little preparation are the ones that turn out better than the ones you spend days or months preparing for.

3 people, 11 cans of energy drinks, 2 torches, 918MB of music, 1 full tank of petrol, 10 hours, 4 toilet stops, 2 shooting stars, 1 unforgetable night.

Firstly we went to Lazy Moe's for dinner. Not our usual choice, but the food was really good! Ree and I had amazing cocktails. (Jellybean for me and a Frozen Jap Slipper for ree)

Then began our all-night cruise along the great ocean road/nepean.
It was still warm and there was no clouds in the sky - summer is definately on it's way.

We stopped here because St. Kilda was full of people. We were wanting somewhere quiet where we could chillax.
Ree dropped her camera into ocean. -sadface-

We drove for ages, stopping only at a Safeway to buy some torches & snacks.
Memories flooded the car as we drove past the drive-in cinema, and we began reminiscing of our time on holiday here last year.

Arthur's Seat.
A dead obvious choice. lol. It was such a clear night and we were able to see the lights lighting up the way back to Melbourne. It's such a beautiful place.

We went back to the portion of the beach we visited when we were away on holiday.
We bravely entered the secluded beach via the path where a grandma warned us of a brown snake with babies and sat for what felt like hours on some random beach-hut and looked at the stars. We watched the moon rise and was surprised to see it glowingo orange. It was such a beautiful thing, but freaked us out for a little bit because we weren't sure what it was. lol.

We collected shells at Portsea beach, saw a man locked inside the public toilets, woke up a man sleeping in a tent on the beach and then drove allll the way home.
It was so much fun chasing the tide back into the ocean so that we could collect shells.
We'll make necklaces with them. :)

08 November 2009

where to buy corky saint clair

Today might be the perfect day to hunt some of these shops down.
I'll let you know how I go. :)

06 November 2009

little twig

Little twig is a Hobart based design collective producing hand crafted jewellery, innovative stationery and giftware. It is the 'quirky' product of ongoing collaborations between the two founding 'twigs' - who in real life work as Graphic Designer and Jeweller respectively. We share a love of illustration and are inspired by all things 'twiggy', quirky and cute. All 'twig' designs originate from detailed illustrations created by both of us, these are then manipulated and either developed into printable artworks (cards, prints, gift tags) or jewellery objects. All pieces are handmade locally in Tasmania.

linkage: littletwigbits
You absolutely have to visit their blog! I promise you will fall in love with their products.
(pssst! christmas is fast-approaching, and I would LOVE the acrylic sparrow brooch, you know which one. :P)
(pssst! but if you're feeling generous, the wooden bird-in-flight brooch would be awesome too.)

pffft. I'll just buy my own.

04 November 2009

<3 The Pigeon

Working in a library, you often come across some real literary gems.
Mo Willem's character, The Pigeon, is the most expressive little thing I have ever seen.
The pigeon is the star of a handful of picture books, some of which are titled "Don't let he pigeon drive the bus" and "The pigeon wants a puppy"
Reading them reverts me back to my childhood, lol.

It's interesting how one eye, an eyebrow and two wings is all it takes to convey the pigeon's fiesty, stubborn and quite ambitious personality. Willem's has certainly mastered the art of visual communication.

click on image to full full-size.

03 November 2009

Etsy shop spotlight

Sarah Hogren
I stumbled upon this mixed media artist a few days ago on etsy, and immediately fell in love with her artwork. Her pieces, made from vintage images, decorative paper, inks, stamping and drawings are surreal and reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.
Her anthropomorphic characters come alive with a sense of childish imagination, but aren't childish in any form.
A fine attention to detail and colour palettes make her pieces look aged, but it's desirable to want one these sorts of faux antique pieces these days. (It's "in")
Below are some screenprints that are on sale in her etsy store.

Owl & Bunny II

A Bunny Boy

Pug Ride