28 November 2009

the tribe has spoken

i have officially decided on the course I'm going to enroll into next year.
Diploma of Library Services.

The Diploma of Graphic Design course would be a great deal of fun, but wouldn't actually be sending me into my desired direction.
Yes, I want to be a designer, but I don't want to be a graphic designer.
I found the units to be quite limited to traditional methods of graphic design and things like life drawing, etc are not my cup of tea.
When I design, I like drawing on my own strengths and using familiar techniques.
I don't want to design something specifically for someone's taste, I would rather show the world what I do and offer them the choice to buy it, or not.

Certificate IV in design looks more practical. Sadly, I was turned off it last year by a lady who had lipstick on her teeth and was keen to emphasise how it ISN'T a diploma, and how a diploma IS BETTER than a certificate IV.

So I've come to the conclusion that I don't know.
For now, it's Library Services.
In a few years time, once I've gotten bored of my familiar techniques, and my strengths are looking a bit drab, I'll enrol myself into a design course.
And be one of those cliche university students living in/near Brunswick, carting a folio around (even on weekends), strolling through on Ceres and drinking organic (fair trade!) coffee.

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