17 November 2009

hectic, yikes

I have far too much on my plate right now.
I've been really stressed, but over such trivial things!

Firstly, my brand new iphone is useless, and I'm swamped in nerdy technical jargon but trying to make sense of it.

The Acekard I purchased for my DSi still hasn't arrived, and I think the company scammed me. lol. I'm trying to be patient but my recent problems with online shopping have made we weary.

There was the drama with Ebony's "sciphone" and the totoro sticker AND the cheap monday jeans. I'm cursed with bad luck it seems!

On the bright side, I've finally got myself sorted out in terms of studying and my new goals. I will soon enrol to study Library Services and will kiss my dreams of being a graphic designer goodbye.

Long term, I hope to one day launch HOHKYO as a fashion accessories label, but I really need to get sorted with some more important things first.

Johnny and I will begin looking into home loans (we're talking more than a few years away though) and once all of that is sorted, I can look towards starting my new career as a designer. For now though, it's time to put some books away.

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  1. and i will be your groupie XD...love Ree