29 September 2009

wanted: designers

HOHKYO is set to become one of Melbourne's hottest labels.
now all we need to to do is create it.
I need designers to collaborate with me to create the hottest, trendiest looks in Melbourne.
Our collections will include brooches and other jewellery, both mens and women's fashion, homewares and accessories such as bags and scarves and purses.
The label will be indie, and environmentally friendly.
Please note that I have no industry experience or qualifications in either marketing, fashion or design. lol.

timeline: 5 years.
in that time: diploma of industrial design.
network, network, network!
goal: start a business with an online presence
sell and get rich.

applications via email: cory.gee@hotmail.com

27 September 2009

makes you smile

This makes me smile! lol.

Okay, so we went to Bang last night. Despite the increase of easy sleazy girls and straight men who are a bit too drunk to act straight, the night was actually heaps of fun.
We met up with a few people; friends of friends, etc and shook our asses into the wee hours of the morning that suggested we take a maxicab home.
Oh, and there was a burger-eating competition at hungry jack's too.

*paints picture*
3:00am, at the hungry jack's at spencer street station (YOU CANNOT MAKE ME CALL IT SOUTHERN CROSS, NEVER!!!!!!!)
John and Rob thought it would be a good idea to see who could eat the most.
Well, they both started with an XXXXXXXXL burger. yepp, 8 patties.
There was a bit of cheese, bacon and a dash of sauce involved also but it pretty much looked like they had placed a cow between the buns and were chewing away.

another XXL and a double whopper later, John was fianlly victorious, but I believe it was only because they ran out of money.
I humbly ate the leftover buns and a handful of EXTREME salted chips, but struggled. honestly.

None of these friends of friends have added me to facebook, but i think we got along great.
alcohol does that to people sometimes. :)

25 September 2009


i bought sunglasses yesterday. and a t-shirt. i think i have a problem.

24 September 2009


got my soundwave tickets in the mail today. I'm so surprised they came so quickly! (less than a week! which is better than the expected; "may take up to 30 days due to high demand" blah blah blah)

this post isn't about soundwave, despite it's title. lol.
I'm sooo busy with new projects, let me bore you allll about them!

Alison and Margaret at work gave me an excellent idea to "up-cycle" old x-rays.
The idea is to collect (or have some donated) x-rays of hands (but nothing too gory, just displaced thumbs, etc) and sew them together (eyelets {thanks Maureen!} and thick black rope) into a lampshade!
"o0o0o0o0..." you all say upon visualizing it.
It might appeal to the goths (or surgeons?) but I'm excited to get it started.

I have started making tables out of video tapes.
(Much thanks to Kathy, Lody and the weeded videos from work)
The construction is really simple, and probably isn't durable, but for now they look really good. (if i do say so myself. lol)

"good for putting remotes on!" claims my first customer (nan) who received the table FREE of charge! XD

I haven't been sewing much, but for some reason have been purchasing odds and ends of fabrics and embellishments. I even went as far as photocopying templates for softies, but i have no idea where they went!

(lost under that mess in my bedroom no doubt)

photos! *add it to the to-do list*

23 September 2009

street art pranksters

my new favourite thing!

18 September 2009

i find it kinda funny

The fashion industry amazes me.
It is so aspirational (to the teen girls and new york women) but soooo much of it is complete bullshit.
Hideous, confusing and unflattering outfits plague those runways.
I'm not saying that I could do better, but, well, actually I do think I could do better.
Take a look at this ol' fruit:

That's Vivienne Westwood, one of today's most influential designers.
Now take a peek at one piece from her 2009 Autumn collection.

Hmmm. I think that speaks for itself.
I'm not hoping to sound naive, but I've seen every season of project runway to date, and if I know anything about fashion, I know that THAT is not.

A cottage-flower print lifted from a plaque she probably picked up at the market?
A permanent marker to graffiti "I am not a terrorist" across his chest?
oh, and that's meant to be MEN's wear?

PUH-LEASE. As if any male would willingly wear that.
(exceptions made to the fool in the photo)

-end rant-

17 September 2009

i. hate. connex.

Only 3 trains cancelled this morning. yes, ONLY three.
And the girl who sat behind me and gave evils to my nape piercing, bitch please, at least my bridge piercing isn't crooked.
Wondering how I saw you?
The perspex sheet infront of my seat is reflective. This was helped by a lady in black who stood on the other side of it.

13 September 2009

halloween idea #56

I laughed my ass off at this picture.
Grotesque, but clever! lol

11 September 2009

oh yeah!

my blog-book!
browsing through some of my older posts, I realized what I had discovered.
my memoirs in blog-form never really took off.
Remind me to post something soon.

such interesting commuters

To the man on the train this morning; You wiped some snot into your hair after you'd picked it so publicly from your nose.
I pray that you book you handled afterwards did not belong to Moonee Valley, and if it did, you can keep it. o_0

To the bearded man wearing the denim jacket, sandals with socks and very old trackies; I saw you sneeze into your hand and wipe it under the seat. To everyone concerned, never sit in the priority seat on the right-hand side of the train.

To the girl who got on at Glenroy station and spent far too long on her make-up; you looked much better without all that crap on your face. The blush you applied so much of actually made your eyes look sunken, so your time and effort devoted to applying layers upon layers of silvery eye shadow have gone to waste.

To the girl who kept eyeballing me; you're barking up the wrong tree honey, and you resemble Frodo's left foot. Sorry.

06 September 2009

wouldn't it be nice?

Imagine if I won the lottery.
*drifts into a daydream and forgets what this post was meant to be about....)

04 September 2009

Green Juice

Don't mock it 'til you've tried it, but I am (yet again) addicted to Berri's Superjuice Greenzone.
It has the delicious colour of mould and may contain clippings of freshly mown grass but as I mentioned, it's delicious. lol.

In other news, tonight I am going to the city to spend my birthday money.
I'm hunting a new pair of jeans or two, probably from the Dangerfield clearance centre.
Going to find FAT clothing (the name of the store, lol) and investigate "Cheap Monday" jeans. They are about $100 each but they appear to be high quality.
Disappointing that they won't be cheap, nor that today is monday. hmm...

I wonder if they offer discounts if you buy them on a monday...

03 September 2009

the morning after

My party was sooo much fun.
Pity that so many people (had better things to do) couldn't come.
Quality over quantity. :)

Okay, so I got pretty drunk but hey, it was my birthday.
Bronwyn made me the coolest cake I have ever seen, and nearly reverted my mentality back to that of a 5-year-old.
It had a clown and lollies and wooooo.

There aren't many things I regret, but the morning after I felt oh-so-ashamed.
I'm not one to be seen shirtless, or even pantless for that matter, but to rediscover how umm.. exposed, I had been the night before was...shocking. lol.

02 September 2009

ebay blunders

I have been emailing this company if Hong Kong for the past 2 months over Ebony's bloody iPhone.
We recieved the phone at a too-good-to-be-true price, and indeed, it was too good to be true. The phone was pathetically useless, and for a short while, the company was too.

The touch screen was unresponsive about 40% of time.
Typing a message resulted in a complete dsaray fo letrs ht kinda mae sens, almot.
Recipients of phone calls made could not hear the shouted "HELLO?!" at all, rendering the most basic function of the PHONE useless.
The menu was incorrect; "Maps" was paired with a calculator icon and most were missing letters eg: "phonebo" and "enterta"

After weeks of the company asking stupid questions trying to solve the touchscreen dilemma, ("did you fully charge the battery?" & "Try extending the screen light-up time") I sent the bloody thing back for a refund.
Then it was an exchange.
Now it might be an exchange, but they want to see if they can reapair it.


That's not all folks. The package was "lost" in the mail for 5 weeks.
I felt a bit annoyed that I hadn't registered it ($5 extra? pfffft)
I think they were trying to con me because once I said that I had the receipt I recieved an email saying that the package had arrived at the post office.

This is only the second issue I have had with an ebay seller, but I certainly will not be buying from Hong Kong again.

(FYI: the first issue was with an Italian seller who "posted the CD just before he went on holiday" and was "appalled that it never arrived and was given negative feedback because of it."
Pfffffffft. He forgot to post it, went on holiday for a month or so and then sooked because I had opened a complaint with Paypal. I got my money back and he got negative feedback. Ha!)

01 September 2009

A lesson in grammar

FYI: swauve is the australian spelling of suave.

we find it stupid to say/write "suave" because that's how the portugese say/write "soft"
(REF: el paso burrito ad)
and honestly, it's not a compliment to be called "soft".