18 September 2009

i find it kinda funny

The fashion industry amazes me.
It is so aspirational (to the teen girls and new york women) but soooo much of it is complete bullshit.
Hideous, confusing and unflattering outfits plague those runways.
I'm not saying that I could do better, but, well, actually I do think I could do better.
Take a look at this ol' fruit:

That's Vivienne Westwood, one of today's most influential designers.
Now take a peek at one piece from her 2009 Autumn collection.

Hmmm. I think that speaks for itself.
I'm not hoping to sound naive, but I've seen every season of project runway to date, and if I know anything about fashion, I know that THAT is not.

A cottage-flower print lifted from a plaque she probably picked up at the market?
A permanent marker to graffiti "I am not a terrorist" across his chest?
oh, and that's meant to be MEN's wear?

PUH-LEASE. As if any male would willingly wear that.
(exceptions made to the fool in the photo)

-end rant-

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