27 September 2009

makes you smile

This makes me smile! lol.

Okay, so we went to Bang last night. Despite the increase of easy sleazy girls and straight men who are a bit too drunk to act straight, the night was actually heaps of fun.
We met up with a few people; friends of friends, etc and shook our asses into the wee hours of the morning that suggested we take a maxicab home.
Oh, and there was a burger-eating competition at hungry jack's too.

*paints picture*
3:00am, at the hungry jack's at spencer street station (YOU CANNOT MAKE ME CALL IT SOUTHERN CROSS, NEVER!!!!!!!)
John and Rob thought it would be a good idea to see who could eat the most.
Well, they both started with an XXXXXXXXL burger. yepp, 8 patties.
There was a bit of cheese, bacon and a dash of sauce involved also but it pretty much looked like they had placed a cow between the buns and were chewing away.

another XXL and a double whopper later, John was fianlly victorious, but I believe it was only because they ran out of money.
I humbly ate the leftover buns and a handful of EXTREME salted chips, but struggled. honestly.

None of these friends of friends have added me to facebook, but i think we got along great.
alcohol does that to people sometimes. :)

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