02 September 2009

ebay blunders

I have been emailing this company if Hong Kong for the past 2 months over Ebony's bloody iPhone.
We recieved the phone at a too-good-to-be-true price, and indeed, it was too good to be true. The phone was pathetically useless, and for a short while, the company was too.

The touch screen was unresponsive about 40% of time.
Typing a message resulted in a complete dsaray fo letrs ht kinda mae sens, almot.
Recipients of phone calls made could not hear the shouted "HELLO?!" at all, rendering the most basic function of the PHONE useless.
The menu was incorrect; "Maps" was paired with a calculator icon and most were missing letters eg: "phonebo" and "enterta"

After weeks of the company asking stupid questions trying to solve the touchscreen dilemma, ("did you fully charge the battery?" & "Try extending the screen light-up time") I sent the bloody thing back for a refund.
Then it was an exchange.
Now it might be an exchange, but they want to see if they can reapair it.


That's not all folks. The package was "lost" in the mail for 5 weeks.
I felt a bit annoyed that I hadn't registered it ($5 extra? pfffft)
I think they were trying to con me because once I said that I had the receipt I recieved an email saying that the package had arrived at the post office.

This is only the second issue I have had with an ebay seller, but I certainly will not be buying from Hong Kong again.

(FYI: the first issue was with an Italian seller who "posted the CD just before he went on holiday" and was "appalled that it never arrived and was given negative feedback because of it."
Pfffffffft. He forgot to post it, went on holiday for a month or so and then sooked because I had opened a complaint with Paypal. I got my money back and he got negative feedback. Ha!)

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