24 September 2009


got my soundwave tickets in the mail today. I'm so surprised they came so quickly! (less than a week! which is better than the expected; "may take up to 30 days due to high demand" blah blah blah)

this post isn't about soundwave, despite it's title. lol.
I'm sooo busy with new projects, let me bore you allll about them!

Alison and Margaret at work gave me an excellent idea to "up-cycle" old x-rays.
The idea is to collect (or have some donated) x-rays of hands (but nothing too gory, just displaced thumbs, etc) and sew them together (eyelets {thanks Maureen!} and thick black rope) into a lampshade!
"o0o0o0o0..." you all say upon visualizing it.
It might appeal to the goths (or surgeons?) but I'm excited to get it started.

I have started making tables out of video tapes.
(Much thanks to Kathy, Lody and the weeded videos from work)
The construction is really simple, and probably isn't durable, but for now they look really good. (if i do say so myself. lol)

"good for putting remotes on!" claims my first customer (nan) who received the table FREE of charge! XD

I haven't been sewing much, but for some reason have been purchasing odds and ends of fabrics and embellishments. I even went as far as photocopying templates for softies, but i have no idea where they went!

(lost under that mess in my bedroom no doubt)

photos! *add it to the to-do list*

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