30 October 2009

halloween preps

halloween had approached too quickly this year.
addmitedly I should be catching up on the 20 things still on my "to-do" list before tomorrow, but wouldn't be much for fun if I had to rush a bit more? lol.
I will upload some pics on sunday if I get the chance.
Also, don't forget that Sunday is World Vegan Day.
Support alternative lifestyles by trying one out!
Beata introduced me to the miracle of vegan bluberry muffins. Handsdown, the BEST muffin ever.

28 October 2009

coffee on puckle

hmm. not that exciting afterall.
it only cost me $1 so i guess that's good, but i mean, its only coffee, and doesn't really seem to validate the masses who flock to sit under umbrellas on the sidewalk to drink it.
maybe i'm just too much of a country bumpkin to comprehend this social activity. lol.

the only other thing i can comment on this situation was that the man who made my coffee was french. he reminded me of Fabrice, and made me sad a little bit.
damn that french-man.
he stole our hearts and then jumped back over the equator, never to be heard of again.

26 October 2009

family history 101

When I was younger, my brother split my head open.
I required 3 stitches across an inch-long gash in the centre of my forehead at the tender age of 2.

Daniel thought that the only way to see The Simpsons through the back of my head was to simply kick it out of the way.

So I fell forward onto a sharp corner of an ajar door of the tv cabinet and started to bleed everywhere. (some-what like a water fountain i'm told.)

Pop was the first to the scene, desperately trying to stop the blood from gushing out of my head, he held me to his chest. He kept the shirt (for some unholy reason) and showed it to me a few years ago.

The only thing I remember (probably my earliest memory) is being gassed at the hospital to be stitched back up.

Daniel won a snickers chocolate bar at school for winning something along the lines of "coolest bad thing you've ever done to a sibling." I got nothing, so thanks ms. trail. thanks.

24 October 2009

poketo tees

they arrived a few days ago but i hadn't grabbed the chance to upload pics.
2 of them had to be sent back because they sent girl's sizes by mistake, but the prints are fantastic.

sad that both robio stores had closed down, but happy to learn that buying them online and internationally was much cheaper!

23 October 2009

Decision Making

In a few days there will a letter arriving at my house.
Asking me to confirm my enrolment into university.
Yeah, I chose to take 12 months off study to save up some cash and take a little break, but things have gotten really complicated in the past 12 months.
I thought I knew what I was doing, and I thought I knew what I was going to do.
Now I'm utterly clueless and this feeling in my gut just won't go.
I set some goals when I entered VCE and I achieved them all.
The trouble now is, I've reached the end and don't think I can go any further.
I passed. (tick!)
I got good grades (tick!)
I survived the interview (tick! although the goal was to actually GET an interview)
I got a first round offer (tick!)
And now I'm going to uni.... right?

That's the dilemma - I don't know if I want to go.
Sure it means discounted train tickets but it also means homework and hard work to achieve something I just don't feel passionate about anymore.

I don't want to blame anyone or anything, but I certainly can. (lol)
The few clients that I worked for were such pains in the asses and even though some of them were resolved peacefully, I still wanted to fly-kick them.
It opened my eyes to the reality of graphic design, it's no glitz and glamour and ludicrous payments, it's just some old bag who wants a logo for her stupid business and knows exactly what she wants and it stubborn about it, yet assumes that because I'm the artist that I know exactly what she meant to convey with her vague expressions. It's too much "fine-tuning" and not enough "here's your fucking artwork, it's fantastic, I spent hours on it making it look pretty, give me thousands of dollars"

I won't lie. I honestly thought of it that way. How pathetic I truely am.

So what to do now?
I have secured a full-time position at the library and am considering studying the technician's course off-campus.
I don't think I want to work in a library forever, but I'm nervous about not doing enough. I feel that I NEED to be studying, something, anything!
and this just seems like the best option.
I have the benefits of working full-time, with study leave, earning a qualification while being able to afford it.
I'm not sure I can survive studying full-time without a part-time job at KFC.
It's just not my thing.
Centrelink won't help me, and if they do they will probably cut nan's payments too.

I just don't know what to do anymore.
I've set really vague goals lately, but I have never found myself to be working towards them. I feel lazy, but am frustrated that I never get anything done.
There isn't enough hours in the day.
Or maybe I just waste too many of them.

21 October 2009

The Uniform Project

Sheena Matheiken is one clever little thing!
She is almost half-way through her fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, called The Uniform Project. All contributions made go towards funding uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums. For 365 days, Sheena exercises sustainable fashion by wearing the same dress that is reinvented with accessories, layers, and other goodies everyday.
You can see pictures of these daily outfits on her site reaching back to May of this year, when the project began.

It’s brilliant how she is able to express herself by creating so many versatile looks with just one dress. She taking sustainable fashion to the next level and actually making it interesting!

The Uniform Project

19 October 2009

You're Invited to a Swap Party

Join us for a fun way to get new stuff... without costing the earth!

Tuesday 10 November, 2009
12pm - 4pm
Kellaway Avenue Neighbourhood Centre,
Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds

Update your wardrobe, music and book collection, toolshed or kid's toy box - for free.
Bring along good quality, clean items you no longer want.
Register each item in exchange for a token.
Browse what others have brought.
Then swap your tokens back for new items!

16 October 2009


"What's with everyone being so agro lately? I'm gonna fucking smash someone, i don't even care anymore."
~Youth on Puckle Street

"Catching that tram was so much fun. Made me wish I was a boy."
~Girl on train

14 October 2009

3D dress. sorta.

Isn't this just the most creative thing you've seen all week?

I have a little obsession with 3D glasses, okay?
Ever since I was little I was collecting Tom & Jerry brand "fads" at school and using my 3D glasses to read the comic on the back of the box.
IMAX is my #1 love, and I even enjoyed the gore of My Bloody Valentine in 3D.

10 October 2009


There's just something about websites like these that I can't help but love.
The ones that are created to poke fun at all of the stupid ugly people in the world.
Sarcasm is the fuel to these things, and i love it!
Take a peek here at regretsy.com
It showcases all the hideous things that people have tried to sell (and sold!) on etsy.com.
Some are weird, most are ugly, and some are just.... o_0

08 October 2009

beware the ninja with fangs

An elderly couple decided to sit near me today.
His bottom teeth were slanted outwards and he stank.
She sat with her hands clenched and lips pursed.
He was a grumpy old shit, and looked like the kind of man whom in a novel would bellow "get off my lawn" at small children.
She looked like she'd eaten a warhead.

First, they sat on the other side of the train.
The morning sunlight was in their eyes. (Ha!)
Then they sat opposite me.
The goth sitting beside me got up and left at glenbervie station.
The man decided to sit in his seat, thus next to me.
She shuffled into his unoccupied seat, lips still tightly pursed.
I have never hated two old people for being old people ever before.
But if his hairy elbow had nudged me once more, i would have morphed into a ninja.

Beware the ninja.

And another thing about Glenbervie station.
To all of you, who think it's funny to prove me wrong by actually getting on the train at the station - rather than walk the extra three seconds to Strathmore,


06 October 2009

05 October 2009

must-have items

These are my essential fashion bits.
*Skinny Jeans.
(Cheap Monday, Dangerfield/Revival, JayJays, Ksubi, Lee & Nudie are the only acceptable labels)

*Poketo Tees
(I have an order of tees coming from the US. Robio closed it's doors in Melbourne last month. Boo Hoo. Too bad they're cheaper online.)

*Puma 917 Factory Shoes (Yellow & USA RED)
Seriously hot shoes. Limited Edition!! Purchased from HYPE DC in Melbourne.

(Cotton on, etc.)

*Kitch Accessories.
(Etsy is chockers full of these critters! Poke around girly stores like equip and diva. Jat Jays fail at accessories, do not even glance at their collections.)

(eBay, or any $2 sell great glasses. Never buy from specsavers or REAL glasses shops, "el cheapo" look just as good. Factorie (Harbour Town) have a good range of "Risky Business" sunglasses [Factorie have also just opened a store in Epping.])

*Bad Hairstyles.
(Currently aspiring towards the Morrissey hair-do, but any messy british rock/indie look will do. Just try really hard to look like you haven't done anything at all.)

02 October 2009

on the train

I know it's silly, but I get upset when the train is crowded and I am the only person to have a vacant seat next to me.
People are standing by the door, arms raised to the rail, sniffing each other's pits, when one of them could sit down.
Surely I don't smell - I just brought the new CK summer cologne from eBay!
Maybe it's my loud music. Hmm....