26 October 2009

family history 101

When I was younger, my brother split my head open.
I required 3 stitches across an inch-long gash in the centre of my forehead at the tender age of 2.

Daniel thought that the only way to see The Simpsons through the back of my head was to simply kick it out of the way.

So I fell forward onto a sharp corner of an ajar door of the tv cabinet and started to bleed everywhere. (some-what like a water fountain i'm told.)

Pop was the first to the scene, desperately trying to stop the blood from gushing out of my head, he held me to his chest. He kept the shirt (for some unholy reason) and showed it to me a few years ago.

The only thing I remember (probably my earliest memory) is being gassed at the hospital to be stitched back up.

Daniel won a snickers chocolate bar at school for winning something along the lines of "coolest bad thing you've ever done to a sibling." I got nothing, so thanks ms. trail. thanks.

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