28 August 2009

just shoot me

Apologies for the delay on posting, I must admit I have been a bit "under the weather" lately.
Following a calamity of disease and plague-like illnesses, I'm glad to report that I am finally 99% better.
What started as a sore neck (as a result of heavy partying at bang! and heavy lifting the following day) eventuated into an avalanche of other problems;

Stomach aches, headaches, a sore throat, ulcers, nose bleeds, sinus pain, cold and flu symptoms, sore joints, sneezing fits, ridiculous ammounts of phlegm, coughing fits and a very late trip to coles for some medicine.

"Just shoot me" was a terrible tv show, but it became one of my favourite phrases during this period.

Half a pack of panamax & 3 quarters of a cough syrup bottle later, I feel fantastic(ally high.)

I didn't know what was wrong with me, but it was definately more than one ailment at once. laaaaame.

So glad to have recovered - mere days before my birthday. Hoorah!

17 August 2009

Deliciously Bad Energy Drink

Rock now comes in sugarfree! One less cause of my up-coming obesity.

14 August 2009

birthday plans

With Nan jetting off to the Gold Coast next week, I will have the house to myself.‎
It's actually quite daunting thinking about it; the cleaning, cooking, washing.‎
It will be fun (for a little while at least) to play "grown-ups." lol

So I'm actually having a birthday party this year. My first since I was (probably) 9.‎
I know I moved to Wallan when I was 10 and I also know that I didn't ever have a ‎party whilst I lived there. One or two parties were held at McDonalds, back in the ‎day of the kitchen tours and ice-cream cake. ‎
‎(Surely it's not hygienic to have groups of children – all very dirty and grotty and ‎snotty and fond of touching things - wandering around in the back of Macca's.)‎

One party was held at home, and this was probably my 9th birthday - my last - ‎because I remember it the most. Well, all I remember is that one friend gave me ‎a giant framed image of a Native American and a wolf. I kept it for years and ‎years, even hung it on my wall. But oh my was it ugly.‎
Err... thanks, but no thanks. Lol.‎

I'm not expecting gifts.‎
I think that over the years, the lack of parties and "give me attention" moments ‎have left me wanting nothing more than to spend time with my friends and ‎family who appreciate the fact I was born.‎
‎(Or maybe I'm scarred and scared of receiving another hideous framed poster)‎

So long as nobody ruins Nan's white leather couches, my birthday should ‎hopefully be a good one.‎

13 August 2009

coming soon: photos!

I am aware that my blog is total textfest, but never fear!
I am currently snapping things to upload and show you.
Craft projects, haircuts, my bedroom DIY renovations, etc.

12 August 2009

little secret #3

I once recorded myself singing. Upon playing it back I was so appalled that I destroyed the tape.

11 August 2009

20 days

In 20 days I will be 19.

10 August 2009

the night we went to the clubs to shake our asses

Dinner at home.
Ree & John (Alana MIA).
Pre-city drinks.
Train to city.
Suspicious characters.
That's NOT fruity lexia.
Hungry Jacks.
Columbians seeking to bail their friend from the Custody Centre.
Drunken Friendliness.
Across the road.
Club X.
Toff In Town.
scary maori bouncer.
Norweiga, Ireland and Philidelphia.
Back to Escobar!
2am lockout.
Back to Eurotrash!
2am lockout.
Lame attempt to find Pony.
"Are you holding?"
Pies @ 7/11.
John has MORE pies.
Nightrider bus.
"Watch what you're sayin' to 'er. She's a f**kin' female!"
Chewing Gum!
Destroying Darby's 16th birthday sign.

03 August 2009

oh internet, you bring me such joy

not all of them. just geocities and myspace.
why? well...

geocities chose the perfect time to shut down this year.
exactly when i had launched and perfected my blog/website.
I spent months working on it, albeit half-assed, but still, there was genuine effort in there, err, somewhere.
how do you choose to reward me geocities?
by shutting me down. gee. thaaanks.

myspace is so passe.
and im not sure where i read it, but whoever said that facebook users treat myspace users like lower-class citizens was spot-on.
there is obviously some kind of social divide between users of these websites, and its actually quite sad.
in the age of technology, a person's social reputation hinges on their response to the question, "facebook or myspace?"
[remembers where he read it]
MX newspaper, that's where!

something about students now choosing to be friends with those who use the same social networking sites, and not with those who use alternatives.
something else about a study conducted on students which found that facebook users are considered well-educated and high class, and myspace users as emo and lower class.

tell me its not true.
*prods olivia and her 395849684 black haired friends on myspace*

02 August 2009

foreign odour

i can smell garlic. o_0