14 August 2009

birthday plans

With Nan jetting off to the Gold Coast next week, I will have the house to myself.‎
It's actually quite daunting thinking about it; the cleaning, cooking, washing.‎
It will be fun (for a little while at least) to play "grown-ups." lol

So I'm actually having a birthday party this year. My first since I was (probably) 9.‎
I know I moved to Wallan when I was 10 and I also know that I didn't ever have a ‎party whilst I lived there. One or two parties were held at McDonalds, back in the ‎day of the kitchen tours and ice-cream cake. ‎
‎(Surely it's not hygienic to have groups of children – all very dirty and grotty and ‎snotty and fond of touching things - wandering around in the back of Macca's.)‎

One party was held at home, and this was probably my 9th birthday - my last - ‎because I remember it the most. Well, all I remember is that one friend gave me ‎a giant framed image of a Native American and a wolf. I kept it for years and ‎years, even hung it on my wall. But oh my was it ugly.‎
Err... thanks, but no thanks. Lol.‎

I'm not expecting gifts.‎
I think that over the years, the lack of parties and "give me attention" moments ‎have left me wanting nothing more than to spend time with my friends and ‎family who appreciate the fact I was born.‎
‎(Or maybe I'm scarred and scared of receiving another hideous framed poster)‎

So long as nobody ruins Nan's white leather couches, my birthday should ‎hopefully be a good one.‎

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