03 August 2009

oh internet, you bring me such joy

not all of them. just geocities and myspace.
why? well...

geocities chose the perfect time to shut down this year.
exactly when i had launched and perfected my blog/website.
I spent months working on it, albeit half-assed, but still, there was genuine effort in there, err, somewhere.
how do you choose to reward me geocities?
by shutting me down. gee. thaaanks.

myspace is so passe.
and im not sure where i read it, but whoever said that facebook users treat myspace users like lower-class citizens was spot-on.
there is obviously some kind of social divide between users of these websites, and its actually quite sad.
in the age of technology, a person's social reputation hinges on their response to the question, "facebook or myspace?"
[remembers where he read it]
MX newspaper, that's where!

something about students now choosing to be friends with those who use the same social networking sites, and not with those who use alternatives.
something else about a study conducted on students which found that facebook users are considered well-educated and high class, and myspace users as emo and lower class.

tell me its not true.
*prods olivia and her 395849684 black haired friends on myspace*

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