28 August 2009

just shoot me

Apologies for the delay on posting, I must admit I have been a bit "under the weather" lately.
Following a calamity of disease and plague-like illnesses, I'm glad to report that I am finally 99% better.
What started as a sore neck (as a result of heavy partying at bang! and heavy lifting the following day) eventuated into an avalanche of other problems;

Stomach aches, headaches, a sore throat, ulcers, nose bleeds, sinus pain, cold and flu symptoms, sore joints, sneezing fits, ridiculous ammounts of phlegm, coughing fits and a very late trip to coles for some medicine.

"Just shoot me" was a terrible tv show, but it became one of my favourite phrases during this period.

Half a pack of panamax & 3 quarters of a cough syrup bottle later, I feel fantastic(ally high.)

I didn't know what was wrong with me, but it was definately more than one ailment at once. laaaaame.

So glad to have recovered - mere days before my birthday. Hoorah!

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