05 October 2009

must-have items

These are my essential fashion bits.
*Skinny Jeans.
(Cheap Monday, Dangerfield/Revival, JayJays, Ksubi, Lee & Nudie are the only acceptable labels)

*Poketo Tees
(I have an order of tees coming from the US. Robio closed it's doors in Melbourne last month. Boo Hoo. Too bad they're cheaper online.)

*Puma 917 Factory Shoes (Yellow & USA RED)
Seriously hot shoes. Limited Edition!! Purchased from HYPE DC in Melbourne.

(Cotton on, etc.)

*Kitch Accessories.
(Etsy is chockers full of these critters! Poke around girly stores like equip and diva. Jat Jays fail at accessories, do not even glance at their collections.)

(eBay, or any $2 sell great glasses. Never buy from specsavers or REAL glasses shops, "el cheapo" look just as good. Factorie (Harbour Town) have a good range of "Risky Business" sunglasses [Factorie have also just opened a store in Epping.])

*Bad Hairstyles.
(Currently aspiring towards the Morrissey hair-do, but any messy british rock/indie look will do. Just try really hard to look like you haven't done anything at all.)

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