04 September 2009

Green Juice

Don't mock it 'til you've tried it, but I am (yet again) addicted to Berri's Superjuice Greenzone.
It has the delicious colour of mould and may contain clippings of freshly mown grass but as I mentioned, it's delicious. lol.

In other news, tonight I am going to the city to spend my birthday money.
I'm hunting a new pair of jeans or two, probably from the Dangerfield clearance centre.
Going to find FAT clothing (the name of the store, lol) and investigate "Cheap Monday" jeans. They are about $100 each but they appear to be high quality.
Disappointing that they won't be cheap, nor that today is monday. hmm...

I wonder if they offer discounts if you buy them on a monday...

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