06 November 2009

little twig

Little twig is a Hobart based design collective producing hand crafted jewellery, innovative stationery and giftware. It is the 'quirky' product of ongoing collaborations between the two founding 'twigs' - who in real life work as Graphic Designer and Jeweller respectively. We share a love of illustration and are inspired by all things 'twiggy', quirky and cute. All 'twig' designs originate from detailed illustrations created by both of us, these are then manipulated and either developed into printable artworks (cards, prints, gift tags) or jewellery objects. All pieces are handmade locally in Tasmania.

linkage: littletwigbits
You absolutely have to visit their blog! I promise you will fall in love with their products.
(pssst! christmas is fast-approaching, and I would LOVE the acrylic sparrow brooch, you know which one. :P)
(pssst! but if you're feeling generous, the wooden bird-in-flight brooch would be awesome too.)

pffft. I'll just buy my own.

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  1. I just love creative things.

    That is nice!
    I am linking your blog.