19 November 2009

guess how i got my scar

Okay, so even I have experienced a bit of confusion over the origins of the scar along my left cheek. So we're gonna have to play a guessing game.
I know now what really happened, but because various family members were telling me different things, I was very unsure for many years. lol.

Just submit your answer via comment and I'll announce the winner in a week's time.

a)i was attacked by a crazy magpie.
b)i was attacked by a homeless person.
c)it's just a weird chickenpox mark.
d)my brother did it to show me who was boss.

(FYI, I'm the boss.)


  1. I want it to be A but its probably C

  2. i'll say pockmark scar because i has them.. they is dents in my forhead. :/