09 November 2009

weekend cruise

okay, so oddly enough my horoscope told me that this weekend wouldn't go as planned.
i didn't get to hunt around melbourne nooks and crannies for corkysaintclair, but my weekend was better than anticipated.
Sometimes, the things you plan with little preparation are the ones that turn out better than the ones you spend days or months preparing for.

3 people, 11 cans of energy drinks, 2 torches, 918MB of music, 1 full tank of petrol, 10 hours, 4 toilet stops, 2 shooting stars, 1 unforgetable night.

Firstly we went to Lazy Moe's for dinner. Not our usual choice, but the food was really good! Ree and I had amazing cocktails. (Jellybean for me and a Frozen Jap Slipper for ree)

Then began our all-night cruise along the great ocean road/nepean.
It was still warm and there was no clouds in the sky - summer is definately on it's way.

We stopped here because St. Kilda was full of people. We were wanting somewhere quiet where we could chillax.
Ree dropped her camera into ocean. -sadface-

We drove for ages, stopping only at a Safeway to buy some torches & snacks.
Memories flooded the car as we drove past the drive-in cinema, and we began reminiscing of our time on holiday here last year.

Arthur's Seat.
A dead obvious choice. lol. It was such a clear night and we were able to see the lights lighting up the way back to Melbourne. It's such a beautiful place.

We went back to the portion of the beach we visited when we were away on holiday.
We bravely entered the secluded beach via the path where a grandma warned us of a brown snake with babies and sat for what felt like hours on some random beach-hut and looked at the stars. We watched the moon rise and was surprised to see it glowingo orange. It was such a beautiful thing, but freaked us out for a little bit because we weren't sure what it was. lol.

We collected shells at Portsea beach, saw a man locked inside the public toilets, woke up a man sleeping in a tent on the beach and then drove allll the way home.
It was so much fun chasing the tide back into the ocean so that we could collect shells.
We'll make necklaces with them. :)

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  1. I forgot about all those great memories of the beach!

    i wish i was back there!

    p.s. love the blog! steph x