12 July 2009

goodbye stereo!

tomorrow. it leaves my room. *dances*
I'm looking forward to having the space. I could finally swing a goat around the place.
(note to self: research where that stupid expression came from)

[edit: the stereo is staying. :K
however, I have grown to like it, so I guess it won't be too bad. The TV and coffee table are out now, making room for a chest of drawers)

Going to the 'Rat this weekend for another ghost tour.
Melbourne's ghost tour was a bit of a bore, so I'm really hoping this one will be better. We saw the tour guide last time we were in Ballarat, and he certainly looked more exciting than the creepy man in Melbourne.
(*remembers him stroking the row of badges along the strap of my bag, "baaddddgggesssssss......")



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