04 July 2009


Is it just me or does my list of MSN contacts get smaller every week? o_0

Saturday night, oh such joy.

I'm sitting here listening to tegan and sara, and have been for much of the day, over and over again.
Living Room is a new favourite. :)

Who wants to come with me to a mic in hand on a Thursday night?
It's a comedy room in Fitzroy (at vibe bar) and it's only $10.
Plenty of good acts are there from time to time, so hopefully we can find a date to go when the weather is fine, and the comedian is funny.

Stupid weather. you ruin my day by raining, like, everywhere, and it makes things wet and slippery and cold an miserable and makes me say "and" heaps.

I was using my graphics tablet earlier tonight, I pretty much forgot I had it.
do you want it? $150 and you can have it.

Nan finally caved about shifting the tv/coffee table/stereo out of my room and into aunty karen's room once she moves.
Cannot wait to shift my room around and finally create some living space.
I feel really cramped in here at times, which sparks that cleaning bug I inherited from mum. I go nuts cleaning up things in an attempt to create more room, but the results are always tiresome and ultimately ineffective.

Sunday brings more promising adventures. I'm going to see big nan! :)

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  1. So did you get your own place? How ya been? Have tried catching up on facebook... figured I had a better chance on here! Good blogs, wish i had the guts to do one lol! hope to chat soon