28 July 2009

i [heart] Rostered Days Off

Mondays are best when you don't have to work them.
Johnny has an interview today at some random place in Richmond.

[edit: Johnny had an interview at some random place in Richmond. Storm Promotions or something, something and something else about marketing and customer satisfaction, yadda yadda

I think he did well, he even seems to think so.
The job sounds easy as pie, and from a peek in their newsletter, every employee wins a pen or a glass trophy every time they show up to work. Hoorah!

Spent the night cleaning out my room, shifting things around and tidying up. I don't like to think of myself as a messy person, but oh lord I am truely a pig.
Funny, landscaper's gardens are rarely masterpieces (rather, "in-the-making" always) and librarians - who thrive on tidy, orderly shelves, seem to live in mess.
(I speak purely for myself, as I have never seen another librarian's bedroom. o_0)

My latest project (might have already been mentioned) is to stencil some (animals? I dunno, Llamas or something. Maybe they're rabbits...) onto a chest of drawers.
After looking about in a few vintage furniture shops (and nearly dying at the sight of their pricetags), Nan decided to show me one (perfect!) that was hiding in Aunty Karen's bedroom wardrobe.


Now it is in my room, and despite being purple, looks good.
Need to scrape off the purple paint (it's white underneath) and then stencil on the shapes in black.
One or two will be red, just to compliment the rest of the room's furnishings.

Still no word on a decent chair for my desk.
Thinking of giving in and making a red seat cover for the dining table chair currently in my room.

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