09 March 2010


okay, so i finally got an email back from someone who works for art&armour.
although they loved my designs, they said they don't quite fit with their current collection.
they are holding onto them though, and plan to use them in a future lot.
for now though, they have offered to use my designs to create a "spotlight" sort of feature that showcases the designers who work with art&armour.
it all sounds exciting, but i dont know too much about it.
any press is a good press, so i would be jumping for joy if i could be physically bothered.

sad that corky's go flooded (again)
images snatched from this blog.
("snatched sounds like a dirty word. lol.)


  1. hey thanks for story - we are survivors down in the subway!

    it isn't totally horrible its happened so many times - i just get on with it.

    after reading your blog i think you should come and chat to me about screen printing - it's really not that dire nor that expensive. you won't make a million dollars and you have to stick with it to get any value out of it - but that's the truth about most craft and design.

  2. kris? o_0

    tomorrow i shall do my best to wander (wade? is the water all gone?) down.