23 March 2010


hoorah! my first proper client in ages!
monroe makeup by toni alford.
models: lauren neaves and some other chick.
below are some draft images that i quickly threw together to see if our heads were in the same space.
Personally, I prefer the font in the second image to that in the third image, but I'm learning to distance myself from my work and to not become so emotionally attached.
The top image will be incorporated into the website that's in planning, and the third image will be used as one side of a business card.
feedback welcome!

right-click and "view image" for full-size.


  1. oh no its me!


  2. I like the 3rd one. The white font is more striking, and is balanced out by the white of the model's shirt. Really great design here.

  3. thanks taryn.
    for the 2nd image, i was thinking of having the text golden, like shiny.
    With a low budget, i dont know if my client will be interested.
    im beginning to like the white text anyway. :)