27 April 2010


photo by timmacauley (deviantart)

I love the doom and gloom of melbourne during the winter/autumn months.
i've scrapped all of my summer ideas and will begin shortly on some fantastic (if i must so say myself) new art pieces.
(not artwork because i dont get paid for it.)

hohkyo now has over 50 fans.
not 39 billion, but it's better than 1. :)

my tattoo is really itchy and gross.
i love it, but the skin is peeling. eww.


  1. i like this :) althought i think uuuu can take better pics XD

  2. Doom and gloom, sounds like what i'm listening to haha. Are your new ideas gonna be doom and/or gloom?

  3. yeah. im thinking cloudy cityscapes, rain clouds, autumn leaves and puddles.
    not sure if i can turn them into brooches, but i'll see how i go.
    im thinking of making autumn leaves and staining them red/orange.

  4. I was just thinking of getting a tattoo! But I don't want peely skin. Ew.