12 April 2010

progress report

*one term down and I am yet to complete a single unit of my TAFE course.
*two months since I got my nose pierced and only now is it starting to heal.
*three months past my deadline to get t-shirts printed with some of my designs on them.
*four months since I heard from my last client. (this isn't a good sign...)
*twelve months since I last cleaned my room. :-/

I took time away from blogging in order to do stuff worth blogging about.
Isn't it sad/interesting/disturbing that since I stopped blogging about my personal life, I haven't been able to accomplish anything?
So, back on track it's time to get. (must. stop. speaking. like. yoda.)
I'm going to blog your ears off until I can say, "wow. I actually did more than sleep in late, eat chocolate while watching the biggest loser, complain about everybody's lack of hygiene and make hissing noises at the dog every time it looked at me."

Hmm. So.
Still investigating my options for a range of jewellery.
The graphic design element to hohkyo is flourishing, especially since Alana joined the team.
It's just the part where I come in that's failing.
I need to fire myself. I'm letting the team down. lol.

If you spot me near Brunswick please smack me and tell me to go home.
I soak up far too much inspiration when I visit these places, only to have dripped dry by the time I get home.
(an alternative would be to live closer to the city, hint hint johnboy)
I spend too much time running back and forth trying to get these ideas penned down
(figuratively speaking, I literally mean "photoshopped")
and am far too stupid to simply bring a pencil and a notebook with me.

I had a picnic with Bronwyn at the Carlton gardens the other week.
We ate heaps of cheese then played frizbee (whilst sitting down ofcourse).

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