11 February 2010


okay, so i'm back. after an extended absence from blogging.
(like anyone cares anyway. lol)
a couple of things that were totally unexpected happened, thus delaying my intentions to blog more.
i'm glad to say that things are on the up&up, and that it looks like smooth(er) sailing from here.
here's a few things i've been up to lately:

1.planning my tattoo
the creative process for this has been really exciting. My original idea has shifted greatly, as have my expectations. the tattoo is getting larger and larger with every draft i submit, but i'm confident that we're almost there.
i have heaps that i need to sort out, but i've pin-pointed which one i want to be my first.

2.getting my education sorted
this has been on my "to-do" list for a year now, and what a relief it is to have finally crossed it off.
i chopped and changed between graphic art, graphic design, printing, industrial design, media, advertising, multimedia, library and even psychology.
despite all that, here's the plan.
(aka PLAN G... having failed plan a-through-f)
Diploma of Library & Information Services
RPL a fair chunk of the units, since I've worked in the library industry for almost 5 years.
Settle myself into a job & work out all that grown-up house stuff like mortgage, etc.
By then i will have decided if i want to pursue a career in design.
I'll do like a Certificate IV in Design at RMIT and really push my HOHKYO label as more than a lazy hobby.
i don't quite see myself making huge amounts of money from making "stuff" but i'm going to give it a shot.
i researched getting some of my designs printed onto t-shirts, but we're talking very minimal profit.

3.renovating my room
by renovate, i mean i added a new desk unit from IKEA, and strung up some string to hang my ever-increasing collection of glasses. i also took down my curtains, and am planning to make some new ones.

sadly, that's it.
but i'm over-the-hill on all that junk that happened last month and i'm ready to start fresh.

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