22 June 2009

the bedroom dilemma

Moving out of home certainly came with it's lists of pros and cons.
There were plenty of things to start, change and redecorate.
I have an ever-growing to-do list to help my get really settled in my new environment.
Surprisingly, the decor of my new bedroom was on the top of the list, and continues to occupy most of my thoughts as I lay in bed staring at it's walls.
My irregular, futon-come-bed-with-smelly-but-new-mattress covers a heap of floorspace, and so I chose to co-ordinate my furniture around it's colours.
I hadn't even moved in yet, but already Nan and I had chosen a striped black, grey and white cover that was surprisingly cheap, and oh-so velvety, but not freaky to touch or sleep in.
I had wanted a really funky and modern room, full of retro or very modern furniture and/or artwork on the walls.
Sadly, the bedsheets steal soooo much attention that I found myself in a very dull room.

A trip! to Ikea! *whips stallion*

Okay, so I don't know why, but against the ruling of my desire to have a black and red room, I purchased a green and white quilt cover from Ikea. And a red steel shelving unit.

I'm not saying it was a bad choice, because it actually works really well with the red furnishings around my room. (I painted some old things, but more about that later)

So now my goal is to create a funky, multicoloured bedroom. lol.

I purchased a tube of red (technically "scarlet") paint from Bunnings last weekend, and painted a few photo frames and my corkboard. I'm pleased with the results of my amateur interior design skills, but am dying to get rid the old stereo system and coffee table (with TV on top) that occupy the space infront of an entire wall.
Once they are gone I will shift my bookshelf away from the heating box thing (don't ask) and use that space to create some art.

Liking the idea of fairy lights tangled around dead tree branches, and maybe I'll paint them red. Or put them in a red vase or something.
My brain prohibits any explanation better than that, so I'm sorry but you will just have to wait to see some photos of what I actually mean.

$9 outdoor party lights create a really relaxing atmosphere in the evenings. I currently have them hanging along the front of the window, but am thinking of moving them.

One night next week, if the weather is good, I will make a trip to Lincraft in the city and have a look at some red fabric to serve as a curtain. The blind in which Nan ordered finally arrived, but it's off-white colour makes me want to do something about it. lol.
I'm planning to just hang this red fabric, heavily bunched up underneath the box that covers the top edge of the window frame to add some colour to the wall.

Would some photos help make any of this comprehensible?

*adds to the to-do list*

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