21 June 2009


I had planned to do sweet nothing today.
Instead I woke up surprisingly early, and conducted my morning routine in auto-pilot.
A few hours later I found myself walking through Carlton Gardens, making my way towards Brunswick street.
I don't know why I felt so compelled to go there, but I had a really good day just walking around.
I restrained the urge to start collecting leaves, and felt really inspired to make stuff from viewing all the designer things in the boutiques along Smith street and Brunswick street.
Cute brooches and earrings, made from plastic, old computer parts, buttons and felt.
Most are ridiculously priced, but that's what makes it all the more enticing for me.
I don't want to copy the designs, but to replicate their appeal would be a dream for me.
It's funny how something as simple as lego pieces can become fashion when worn as earrings or on a necklace.

I wandered around near the antique boutiques, but sadly, one or two of them had shut down. One other was closed because the storeperson went to lunch, and I couldn't be bothered waiting around for them to come back.
The plan was to purchase an old record, and use the sleeve to create a notebook.
Using the cover, a holepunch and some paper, I think I saw the idea in a book, but I forget which.

In the end I found myself spending less time looking for artistic inspiration, and more time inside clothing stores. I scoured the length of Brunswick street looking the the dangerfield/revival clearance centre I had seen when Ree, Johnny and I went out one evening.
I found it (at the opposite end of which I had walked) and spent too long rummaging through heavily discounted clothes.
I tried on 5 pairs of jeans and pants, but in the end only bought one pair.
Even though it's a size 28, paying the $20 I did, instead of the $108 I would have in the retail stores, I think it's worth squeezing myself into them, or wearing a belt to hide the fact that I cannot button them up.
lol. shh!

My blog's background is from cole-and-sons. They manufacture wallpaper (for walls, not blog backgrounds) but I screenied it and cropped it so it would tile.
I saw it on a wall at Ikea, and saw it again on homeMADE.
If it weren't so darn expensive I would purchase it and create a feature wall for my bedroom.

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