24 June 2009


Yesterday before work, I managed to scoop up enough time to visit Lincraft to investigate fabric for my curtains. Luckily, now is a good time to buy things, not only with the global financial crisis, but also, stocktake sales.
The fabric I chose, a thick cotton-something-or-something-else was on sale, reduced from $6.98 to $4.98 per metre.
Nan, in her traditional way of doing things, perscribed that I needed 13.3 feet of fabric to adequately cover the window space. This however, is doubled, because I want the curtains to be heavily bunched and draped.
The poor shop assistant looked blankly at me when I told her that I needed "13, or maybe 14 feet" and then continued to fumble around through things, calling her manager, and looking just plain clueless until the lady behind me got so fed up from waiting, that she approached the counter.

The shop assistant and I exchanged glances at this lady, who said nothing but "hand me that bit of paper, I'll show you."
What continued was a maths lesson about converting inches to centremetres.
After she had concluded that 36" equalled 1 metre, the shop assistant told her, "yes, thanks, but we need to know about feet."

Suddenly, I guess something Rangarashasha (or whatever her name was, you know, my year 9 maths teacher?) taught me actually sank in, because, hoorah! 12" = 1 foot.
3 feet = (12" x 3)
= 36"
36" = 1 metre.

but scrap all that maths, which is probably incorrect, but the moral of the story was I ended up completely disregarding any of that, and purchased 6 metres, which, I'm guessing, is somewhere close to 18 feet.

Why did I purchase so much extra?
I still don't know. All I do know, is that I left the shop feeling very staisfied that I had finally settled on what fabric to use for my bloody curtains!

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