03 December 2009


decided to upload some pics of my creations.
most are unfinished, probably due to my obsession with detail, and perfectionism.
sadly, i can never replicate the ideas that spawn in my head, and the physical product is often a let-down.
here are my favourite softies, although some of the designs are not my own.
(the bottom two softies were from the book "softies: 22 friends for you to.....")
[i forget the full title, okay? you know which one i mean. :P]

^not finished (obviously?) but she/it has been like this for many months now.

creepy, no?

poor thing doesn't even have any arms...

this is just something i created with left over scraps.
I guess it's a brooch, but i am yet to attach the pin.
simple, but pretty.


  1. love the one with the big ears; very cute

  2. they are fantastic! etsy shop? madeit? Why not!!! Do it!!! and don't tell us that you feel let down by them - they are great!!!

  3. Can you make foamy the squirrel? I will buy 10.

  4. lol sarah, i'll see? havent watched a foamy cartoon in aaaaaages, do they still make them?