29 December 2009


four of the strangest things i am courageous enough to tell anybody.
(there are many more embarrassing, but i'm not telling! XD)

i have an unhealthy collection of hoarded bags hidden beneath the bottom drawer of my wardrobe.

i must wear socks at all times when i am not in the shower or in the pool.
socks must be worn pulled tight on the foot, PROPERLY! (yes Ree, fix them!)

touching strange fabrics are a big no-no. silk and the like will cause extreme distress and occasionally, twitching.

printed spelling errors (in catalogues, on products & posters etc) make me furious.
i take photos of them and store them on my mobile.

dead sea creatures must always avoid eye contact with me. i don't eat seafood, but always feel guilty upon seeing them dead at markets or on dinner plates.
(we had to cover the fishy's eyeball when we dissected him in science class...)

it's amazing that despite how horribly neurotic i am (even verging on the edge of asperger's), johnny still just laughs at me, and takes me to get ice cream. :)

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