13 December 2009

stacker pwn

johnny officially pwned this machine today.
we CLEANED-IT-OUT! haha.

had a great day roaming the city, partially christmas shopping, partially just enjoying the day.
stopped off at fair@square, but was kinda disappointed.
saw a lady spinning silkworms though, that was cool.

spent the afternoon browsing through the second-hand shops along chapel street, didn't buy anything from them though, just fantasied about owning the furniture and lampshades - and decorating my home with them.

short stacks at the pancake parlour get better every time i go there. honestly.

where the wild things are is the saddest film i've watched in a long time.
i don't think many people could relate to max, and although i don't quite relate to him, and i can empathize with him, and wanted to be able to pick him up and shake him all better. lol.
i love how the story has developed from the picture book, but certainly took it into some dark places.

on the way home we saw a leopard-print-clad woman play with her false teeth on the tram. at first she seemed totally normal, but by the time we arrived back at flinders' she was a total nut.
she kept pushing her falsies out of her mouth, making her top lip protrude, then would turn them sideways so that some of her teeth were hanging by her chin.

it was grotesque, and fascinating.

(apologies for the lack of grammar. 'tis late.)

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