11 December 2009

ink and spindle <3

I am buying this fabric, I do not CARE that I already have millions of metres cluttering up my shelves.

This lovely fabric is Birch Forest in Robins Egg on Natural,
by the lovely Ink & Spindle.

As well as being at Fair@Square in Melbourne this weekend, Ink & Spindle are also hosting an open-studio event at
206/10 Elizabeth street, Kensington
the following weekend.
From 10am-1pm you can pop in there to view and buy their amazing fabrics. (joy!)

I am working that Saturday (sadface), but with the luck of some fine public transport timetabling, will be able to make it down just in time to snap up some fabric before scooting back to my desk.

I plan to use it as a wall decoration with the wooden frame I purchased from IKEA some many, many months ago.
I was waiting for the right fabric to come along, and this. is. it.

Ink&Spindle's blog

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  1. Nice choice. I have a notebook cover made of the same but in chocolate brown