05 December 2009

woah, i was deep

sifting through the posts on my old blog, i came across this.
Something I wrote almost 12 months ago.

"i watched everyone around me grow up long before i realised i had been growing too.
suddenly things just fell into place; these concrete stepping stones, and they're leading me directly to where i want to go.
to all of my beautiful friends; i love you.
thankyou for sticking with me throughout the year;
you have each made this the best year of my life.

johnny boy you are my rock. you keep my feet on the ground even when you sweep me off them. i love you to death and even after.

alana you never ever fail to make me smile. i wish you and james the best possible life as you begin your new chapter living together in ballarat.

bronwyn i love you like a fat kid loves cake; probably even more. we grew up in this shithole, and im so glad you're about to get away. you have always been there for me,
and i feel so lucky to know that you feel the same.

ree i hope you find yourself a fantastic job that allows you to do your course with ease.

sarah im glad i have you back in my life. dont ever ever go away again because i dont know if i can cope.
mindy you are going to awesome at whatever you get into; and you will get into something because you have sooo many other options. you're not at the end; the stubborn fence. there's a gate just a bit to the right.

toni i'm glad you got away from this town. i will miss your subway discounts though.

steph you amaze me with your determination to succeed. i want to suck it out of you.
(eww? haha)

fabrice you're a funny lil french man, and you make me laugh - especially when you get naked and/or hump people. (i miss you now that you're back in france. come back soon)

meagan i dont talk to you as often as i'd like. i hope to change that.

olivia my darling daughter, oh how you've grown. i miss talking to you and seeing your face every morning like i used to.

tina my handshake buddy, i love you very very very very very very very much and i still miss you.

miranda you are probably the coolest person ive ever met online.

lewis we go way back, in the most unusual of circumstances, but you've always been a good friend to me. we should talk more.

rowie you and your effeminate ass brightened my days at school.

and to everyone else who i sat with on that brick establishment, and laughed with at the sound the pipes made when we lit deodorant in them, you will never be forgotten.

finally, to the people i no longer talk to - im glad you fucked off to wherever you went.
to the people who made me angry or made me sad - i hope you choke on your ego."

woah, I was deep.


  1. should i feel good about being last and my best trait being my ass?

  2. haha rowie, well yes?
    there is no order to it, none at all.
    it's not your best trait, but was the only one i wanted to write about. lol

  3. dear cory.
    u are the love of my ife
    i miss u everyday :\
    ur so awsum in everyway n i will alwqys love u dnt evr forget it...
    and ill always be proud of u baby .... See More
    ur such a good kid n imglad to have u in my life.
    see u soon babe
    love always ur bff l

  4. AWWWW! I remember this hehe :D
    love you cory! xoxooxx

  5. i forgot about it! lol. its good to see that i still keep in contact with those people. :)

  6. ah this just brightened what, in three minutes will be my morning :)
    thankyou for making my friday.